ISLAMABAD (APP): The textile group exports from the country increased by 7.77 percent during the first three quarters of current fiscal year as against the exports of the corresponding period of last year. The exports of textile were recorded at $9.99 billion during July-March (2017-18) against the exports of $9.27 billion during July-March (2016-17), according to data released by PBS here on Monday. The products that contributed in positive growth in external trade included raw cotton, the exports of which grew by 35.76 percent by going up from $41.12 million last year to $55.82 million during the current fiscal year. Similarly, knitwear export increased from $1.7 billion to $1.98 billion, showing growth of 14.12pc while the exports of yarn increased from $17.75 million in first nine months of previous year to $23.32 million, an increase of 31.34 percent. During the period under review, the bed wear exports increased by 4.99pc, from $1.56 billion to $1.67 billion in the period under review while the towels’ exports increased by 1.18pc from $591.28 million to $598.245 million this year.

The export of ready made garments increased by 12.56 percent by growing from $1.7 billion last year to $1.9 billion this year while the exports of art, silk and synthetic textile increased by 70.39 percent, from $133.673 million to $227.771 million.

During the period under review, the exports of made up articles (excluding towels and bed wear) also increased by 7 percent, from $480.4 million to $514 million.

Similarly cotton cloth exports also witnessed an increase of 1.05 per cent as it went up from $1.61 billion in Jul-March (2016-17) to $1.63 million in same period of current fiscal year, whereas export of cotton yarn increased by 4.9 per cent from $941.4 million to $987.58 million.

Meanwhile, the textile products that witnessed negative growth in trade included cotton (carded or combed), exports of which declined by 97.87 percent, from $235,000 to $5000 while the exports of tents, canvas and tarpaulin decreased by 38.39 percent, by declining from $107.05 million to $65.955 million, the PBS data revealed.

On year-on-year and month-on-month basis, during March 2018, the exports of textile group witnessed an increase of 12.95 per cent and 12.81 percent when compared to the exports during March 2017, and February 2018 respectively.

During the period under review, the exports increased from $1.065 billion in March 2017, and $1.066 billion in February 2018 to $1.202 billion in March 2018.