Swiss chemicals company Clariant has revealed four beauty trend predictions, alongside its latest hair ingredient launch at in-cosmetics Global held in Amsterdam.

The company has used the global cosmetics industry gathering to reveal its third edition of BeautyForward trends and formulations.

Nicolas Lasbistes, Clariant Personal Care, Global Marketing Manager for Clariant, said: “Through BeautyForward, Clariant helps customers to be one step ahead in their development activities.

“The tone guide embraces what matters most to consumers and provides exciting and innovative formulations to help formulators respond, including natural ingredients.”

Each of the four new trends have been released with a product to match.

Blue gold is the prediction that less water will be used in products, due to environmentally-conscious consumers; in response the brand has released a water-free Dry Powder Shampoo.

Meanwhile, the company’s Good Stuff Hair Mask features ethically sourced ingredients from Brazil to acknowledge its second trend predicition: conscious beauty shopping.

Clariant’s third prediction concerns beauty products catering for the growing concern surrounding UVA rays, air pollution and mosquito bites; its Multi Defense Lotion SPF 15 addresses this trend.

Meanwhile, its Neutral Face Cleanser has launched in response to the increasing demand for gender-neutral products – its fourth trend prediction.

Lasbistes added: “Its setting a new standard in the personal care industry and we are excited to be unveiling our third edition.”

New hair care ingredient revealed

Meanwhile, the company’s new range of three hair care ingredients Genadvance are each designed with specific benefits for identified hair care concerns.

This includes Genadvance Life, for naturally thin or fine hair; Genadvance Repair tackles heavily damaged or weak hair; and Genadvance Hydra helps naturally dry hair.

“Mechanical manipulation, heat, chemicals and everyday elements take their toll on hair but until now the hair care industry has lacked the specialised solutions to really tackle hair’s vulnerability head-on,” said Ralf Zerrer, Global Head Innovation and Strategic Marketing at Clariant’s Industrial & Consumers Specialities Business.

“Because not all dry and damaged hair is the same – our hair care experts are delighted to offer a range of three innovative ingredients that beat conventional quotas in conditioning performance and target individual needs.”